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Meghan Connor

College: Hofstra University, ‘15
After Z/E:

My internship at ZimmermanMeghan Connor/Edelson was an amazing experience for me. When I first started, I felt like I knew nothing about PR. I was completely embarrassed. But as time went on I began to understand how to clip newspaper articles, how to make a press release more interesting, and to not be afraid when you have to make 100 follow up calls for the Water Symposium. Zimm/Ed was and I’m sure still is about the people you work with. It’s not a huge company, which is something I admired because your coworkers became your friends. I believe Zimm/Ed taught me more than any class or internship ever did.  I would 100% recommend an internship with ZimmEd to others.

Lauren Curlett

College: Hofstra University, 2016 
After Z/E: Senior honors thesis

At Z/E I learned slco much. I had never called any journalists or written anything for real clients in class. I loved the fast-paced atmosphere and that I could be working on two to three things at once. It was always the most rewarding thing when the media advisory or photo caption I had sent out got a placement. I don’t think there are many other places that are as hands-on as Z/E and I felt honored—and sometimes even nervous—about all of the responsibility we were given as interns. Overall though, I learned so much and feel incredibly more prepared for the workforce than I ever did in the past. I also think the projects assigned to interns us a huge advantage over many other interns out there. Anyone can say they compiled media lists and wrote press releases, but not many have the opportunity to create something like we did. I am most grateful for that experience, even if it was harrowing at times!


Joseph Vorbeck

College: SUNY Albany, ‘16
After Z/E:
NYS Association of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers (NYASAP)

I had a great time interning at ZimmEd. They taught me a lot of stuff that I carry with me every day. It felt like a small, tight-knit family, and I made some great friends who I am still in contact with. Being an intern there definitely helped. My communication skills have improved significantly—oral and written. I still draft press releases here and for school so that’s a huge benefit.

I would highly recommend this to someone else. For a tip, I would just say to be prepared to learn and take advantage of every opportunity they give you.


Deanna Morosoff

College: Marist College, 2013

After Z/E: Tuesday’s Children

deannaAs an intern at Zimmerman/Edelson, I gained hands-on experience writing for and pitching the media. I learned the importance of developing follow up skills and the value in creating relationships with reporters. I also developed organizational skills as I had the opportunity to work with several clients at one time. The Zimmerman/Edelson’s internship program challenged me to communicate with media effectively, gave me confidence in my writing, and taught me that you can never check yourself too many times. Attention to detail is key.  I  would absolutely recommend this internship to others!

Christine Ryan

College: Marist College, ’15
After Z/E: Intern/mentor program at New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT)

My experience atChristine Ryan Zimmerman/Edelson was great. I’ve always been interested in PR but at the time I didn’t know if it was for me.  ZimEd allowed me to explore the field and really get hands on experience. I know that sounds cliché but really from the start we were working on significant projects (no coffee fetching, no busy work). Company culture is also really important – especially for our generation – and it’s important to note that the team and my fellow interns made me look forward to work every day. We mean business and take our work seriously of course, but we also shared   countless laughs. I’m still friends with the other interns from Summer 2014 – we have a group text and make sure to hang out whenever our schedules allow.

 Your internship is what you make of it! Be an active team member, volunteer to take on projects and connect with as many people as possible.  If you have the opportunity to attend a special event, workshop or taping, go! And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your experience. You will miss the office!

I definitely recommend the ZimmTern program for any students!

Christina Tartaro

College: SUNY Oswego, ‘16
After Z/E: SUNY Oswego Career Services

Coming into ZEChristina Tartaro I didn’t really know what to expect; it was my first internship and my first time applying what I learned in class to the real world. I learned a lot about the style of PR writing and it was amazing to be working on actual client accounts where my work was being submitted. My first ever clip that had the photo caption I had written was awesome and very exciting. I loved everyone I worked with, and working with such an amazing team really helped me get through any obstacles I was facing during the internship. I apply what I learned at ZE in my current position.  I think interning for ZE gave me an amazing wealth of knowledge that I can apply not only to my current interning position but also to my classes and for sure my job that land after graduation.

Haley Eivers

College: SUNY Albany, ’15
After Z/E: Wildwood Programs

My experience as an intern at Zimmerman/Edelson Inc., allowed me to fully understand the PR industry. Since my school does not offer any courses in this field of communications, I went into this internship with no previous knowledge or experience. Zimmerman/Edelson provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge that are crucial within the PR field, for which I am extremely grateful. The internship at this company will help me with my future career in PR or media relations. I hope to use the skills I learned at Zimmerman/Edelson in my future at other organizations.

I would absolutely recommend this internship to other individuals that are looking into a future in public relations.  


Andres Montoya

College: SUNY New Paltz, ’15
After Z/E: FleishmanHillard

My summer inteAndres Montoyarning at Z/E was awesome! The office was such a collaborative office that opened me up to the world of public relations. I truly felt part of a great team and was genuinely sad to go.

My internship gave me the foundation of my current skill set. It built my knowledge of how media works, how to write well-crafted messages, and how to thrive in a team environment. My scope of work throughout the summer was challenging and opened me up to many experiences I have learned important lessons from.

If you are interested in a career in public relations and communications, there is no better internship out there                                                                 than what Zimmerman/Edelson offers.

Alexis Gionesi

College: Hofstra University, ‘16
After Z/E: W20 Group—Twist Marketing

As an intern at Zimmerman/EdelsAlexis Gionesion, I gained exposure to PR outside of a classroom setting. I was part of so many things I had never done before, such as working with reporters and writing press releases that were actually published.  I always felt that everyone I worked with wanted me to learn as much as I could, and everyone always made me feel like a part of the team.

What I took from Zimmerman/Edelson was to always try and take on tasks that may be out of my comfort zone. At my current job, I always offer to take the lead on projects that at first seem scary. Everyone at Zimmerman/Edelson really taught me to step up and be willing to take on tasks that I may not be too familiar with, because it is always okay to ask questions and it helps you grow.  I recommend this internship to everyone, always!

Roberto Muñoz

College: Hofstra University, ‘16
After Z/E: Avior Executive Search

Zimmerman/EdelsonRoberto Muñoz was a fantastic experience. They allow for the interns to be very hands on with the tasks they are given and actually learn from it. The people at Z/E were also extremely helpful and always looking out for you, which is always essential when you’re learning how things work. Between the great atmosphere in the office and the hands on work we were given, it made for a great internship to learn how the industry works and to learn many valuable lessons.  I would most definitely recommend interning at Zimmerman/Edelson.