As a “ZimmTern” in the ZimmEd U program, you’ll gain hands-on experience applying skills learned in the classroom to a real-word setting. ZimmEd U provides you with the opportunity to work alongside Zimmerman/Edelson account executives, copywriters and agency personnel on a variety of projects and assignments, including media pitching; writing assignments such as press releases, media advisories and photo captions; creative content development; live media events such as broadcast tapings and interviews; social-media projects; and much more.

The friendly and welcoming office style at Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc. enables ZimmTerns to join the conversation on a daily basis. Put forth ideas, add to a discussion, ask questions—the Z/E environment encourages all these things; how much you take advantage of it is up to you.

As part of our ZimmEd U educational experience, ZimmTerns will also have the opportunity to work together on an ambitious intern project that provides applicable, timely and relevant public relations experience while promoting your very own creativity and abilities. Recent ZimmTern projects included digital discussions, live chats, academic “white papers,” a video collaboration titled Starting Your Career at Zimmerman/Edelson, and the creation of this very website!

ZimmEd U is for enthusiastic, talented, and hardworking students who will take advantage of the opportunity and put in the extra work needed to gain valuable, real-world experience. ZimmTerns should have a true desire to learn about the public relations field. At the completion of the internship, ZimmTerns will have acquired valuable experience and knowledge, and will be ready to take the next step toward becoming a successful public relations professional.

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