Lauren Curlett

College: Hofstra University, 2016 
After Z/E: Senior honors thesis

At Z/E I learned slco much. I had never called any journalists or written anything for real clients in class. I loved the fast-paced atmosphere and that I could be working on two to three things at once. It was always the most rewarding thing when the media advisory or photo caption I had sent out got a placement. I don’t think there are many other places that are as hands-on as Z/E and I felt honored—and sometimes even nervous—about all of the responsibility we were given as interns. Overall though, I learned so much and feel incredibly more prepared for the workforce than I ever did in the past. I also think the projects assigned to interns us a huge advantage over many other interns out there. Anyone can say they compiled media lists and wrote press releases, but not many have the opportunity to create something like we did. I am most grateful for that experience, even if it was harrowing at times!