Christina Tartaro

College: SUNY Oswego, ‘16
After Z/E: SUNY Oswego Career Services

Coming into ZEChristina Tartaro I didn’t really know what to expect; it was my first internship and my first time applying what I learned in class to the real world. I learned a lot about the style of PR writing and it was amazing to be working on actual client accounts where my work was being submitted. My first ever clip that had the photo caption I had written was awesome and very exciting. I loved everyone I worked with, and working with such an amazing team really helped me get through any obstacles I was facing during the internship. I apply what I learned at ZE in my current position.  I think interning for ZE gave me an amazing wealth of knowledge that I can apply not only to my current interning position but also to my classes and for sure my job that land after graduation.