Alexis Gionesi

College: Hofstra University, ‘16
After Z/E: W20 Group—Twist Marketing

As an intern at Zimmerman/EdelsAlexis Gionesion, I gained exposure to PR outside of a classroom setting. I was part of so many things I had never done before, such as working with reporters and writing press releases that were actually published.  I always felt that everyone I worked with wanted me to learn as much as I could, and everyone always made me feel like a part of the team.

What I took from Zimmerman/Edelson was to always try and take on tasks that may be out of my comfort zone. At my current job, I always offer to take the lead on projects that at first seem scary. Everyone at Zimmerman/Edelson really taught me to step up and be willing to take on tasks that I may not be too familiar with, because it is always okay to ask questions and it helps you grow.  I recommend this internship to everyone, always!